Master’s Admissions and Advisement Procedures 

The EDIT Master’s program is designed to provide students with distinctive skills associated with the design, development, and evaluation of instructional products and solutions; these skills are necessary to solve a variety of instructional problems in real-world settings. At the culmination of their coursework students have the opportunity to integrate and apply these distinctive skills by completing a trademark learning outcome. Therefore, the EDIT curriculum is divided into three interrelated phases. Each phase is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills that Instructional Designers possess. Students are evaluated at multiple times during their progression through the master’s program.

Phase 1. Phase 1 courses are designed to develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to design an effective and efficient instructional product and/or solution to solve an instructional problem. Phase 1 benchmark assessment will be administered in EDIT 5317, a required phase 1 course. Phase 1 courses are listed below:

  • EDIT 5316: Foundations of Instructional Technology
  • EDIT 5317: Instructional Design Foundations
  • EDIT 5370: Foundations of Distance Education

Phase 2. Phase 2 courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to create and evaluate an effective instructional product/solution based on knowledge and skills gained in Phase 1. Students cannot begin the Phase 2 assessment until they have completed the Phase I assessment. Phase 2 benchmark assessment will have three sections (A, B, and C). Each assessment section will be administered in one of the required courses (EDIT 5325, 5390, & 5395). Phase 2 courses with focus areas are listed below:

Tech Tools:

  • 5320: Educational Network Applications
  • 5321: Computer Programming for Educators
  • 5322: Authoring Systems for Educational Software
  • 5325: Planning and Developing Instructional Media
  • 5342: Authoring Tools for Internet Instruction

Distance learning:

  • 5000: Special Topics (mobile learning)
  • 5341: Curriculum Applications of the Internet
  • 5380: Principles and Practices for Video Based Distance Education
  • 5390: Online Distance Learning

Administration/ Implementation of IT

  • 5326: Instructional Software Design
  • 5330: Computers, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • 5395: Administration of the IT Program

Phase 3. Phase 3 courses are designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills developed in Phases 1 and 2 to solve an instructional problem in a real-world setting (e.g., education, workforce, or military) that presents an authentic instructional problem. A benchmark assessment will be administered upon completion of the P3 course activity. Students need to complete 3 hours of a required Phase 3 course, EDIT 5397 (normally during the last semester in the program).

  • EDIT 5397 Practicum in Instructional Technology

Remediation plan. Decisions regarding the appropriate remediation plan will be made at the program level. A remediation plan for students who do not demonstrate mastery of the stated learning objectives associated with each benchmark assessment will include one or a combination of the following:

  • Attend specific course(s) in the weak area
  • Complete an independent study course (EDIT 7000)
  • Repeat the relevant academic course(s)

For more information please check Master’s Program Handbook